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PRESENTATION: OUTSIDE IN AND OTHE R EVERSIONS: TURNING A SPHERE FROM RED TO BLUE by Scott Carter and Sarah Gelsinger. In 1958, Steve Smale proved that it is possible to turn a sphere inside out without creasing or tearing but by allowing the sphere to pass through itself. Such sphere eversions have been used to create computer animations. The presenters will show two of these and their own eversion in which each step can be carefully analyzed. Mobile Math Society. 7 PM. FILM: ARSENIC AND OLD LACE comedy; 118 minutes. CATT’S BROWN BAG IN BIENVILLE Lunchtime musical entertainment. Sponsors: Catt’s Sunday Jazz Brunch & Radio Avalon; City of Mobile Neighborhood and Community Services. Wed, 11:30 – 1:30 PM; through Wed, Oct 29.. BOOK DISCUSSION : MEETING OF THE WATERS by Kim McLarin. Ebony Moments, designed to increase the awareness of African-American authors and to promote the love of reading. 6 PM. FILM: SPEED RACER135 minutes; PG. Family Feature Film. 6 PM. TH...
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